Ways to Enhance Your Confidence When Nobody Else Believes in You

It has reached a point in time where you are at the stage of moving beyond that comfort zone and bring forward that dream you’ve kept hidden inside for such a long time. You’re super pumped up ready to unleash what you’ve always were meant to do and show the world what you are truly capable of. The only problem is that no one else out there believes in you and your confidence.

Unfortunately, most of us have grown to accept the reality behind our dreams that is the fact that it can only exist in our thoughts and it’s beyond our capability to bring out for the whole world. So what do you do if you are bursting with confidence but no one else around you shares the same level of enthusiasm?

If you’re going to walk the pathway to success, it has to be with pure confidence with absolutely no elements of doubt. Therefore it is essential to work on the mindset daily and convince yourself in the mind that you are going to be the person you were meant to be.

It all boils down to these three simple ways to assert your self-confidence even though there is no one else out there who believes in your ability:

Flood your mind with positive everything

I remember many years ago when I first become an entrepreneur, people laughed at my dreams. I would tell my family and friends about these amazing ideas and map out strategies on how I could bring forward something new to this world, but it would always turn out into a laughing subject. People will hate on and criticize those who want to succeed because they have either tried and failed themselves or they simply do not want to see you do better than them, and it’s the sad truth.

I held a vision of myself as a young handsome and successful entrepreneur who lived in a mansion with a beautiful wife and would wake up every day telling myself that it was going to happen very soon. The amazing thing was that I attracted so many positive like-minded people in my life and they supported my beliefs which ultimately built upon my success daily.

Encourage others who fail to get up and try again

Every legend we know today has had their fair share of failures. In order to become successful, it’s first required to encourage and support others in their own journey. A simple action like this will reflect upon your own personality as it will show yourself the true meaning of being a leader instead of following the typical crowd who either ignore or resent those who aspire success. So be mindful of others and only expect to be treated the same way as you treat others.


Calm your inner critic

The support of others will collapse if you first do not possess confidence in yourself. Despite your confidence having an effect, it’s the inner critic you have about yourself which proves to be a challenge in being able to identify. Within your own mind, it may seen non-existent, but the reality is that inner critic will show in a form of guilt, doubt, shame or worthlessness. To avoid this from having an impact on your daily life, you are going to need to encourage your inner dialogue which can be done by:

  • Remembering your past victories and accomplishments. Recall the challenge, emotions and mindset of who you were in that moment. Remind yourself that at any time you can be that person again.
  • Identify your strengths. Ask yourself, What am I masterful at doing? Once you’ve answered the question, celebrate your talents by communicating this value to others.
  • Encourage yourself regularly with self-affirmations grounded in your true capabilities, instead of hope affirmations, which are generic in nature.
  • Divorce the scarcity mentality. Believing that opportunities are scarce helps foster the fear that we aren’t good, wealthy or intelligent enough to fight for our scraps of a tiny possibility pie. Instead, understand that we live in a world of abundance. You can decide at any moment that you are beyond enough to create opportunity in a world where there are plenty.

Receiving outside validation can be tremendously rewarding. However, it is your personal responsibility to master the confidence that comes from within. If your current atmosphere does not cultivate self-confidence, then it’s time for you to design a more supportive environment for yourself. Take the first step of believing in yourself and watch as everyone else begins to follow in your footsteps.