Using Bing Ads to Make 1K Per Day As A Complete Newbie in Internet Marketing

I remember many years ago when I first started my journey as an internet marketer. At the beginning It was exciting to know that I was taking complete control of my life and chasing a dream to be financially independent. But little had I known how difficult it would be to generate a consistent income on the internet, especially with so much hype and misguidance out there.

I never had a clear pathway on the direction to follow so I tried to self-educate myself on several marketing strategies, as clear as daylight it all started with Affiliate Marketing and promoting CPA offers with Pay Per View Traffic Methods.  Because I had absolutely no clue on how to utilize this traffic method properly, it wasn’t long until my first deposit of $1000 into Direct CPV was used up, without making a CPA sale from the budget.

This was only the start of my mistakes because after feeling bad for losing a lot of money to begin with, my frustration carried over to the next method where the same mistakes occurred, except this time at least I did some research first. Youtube videos taught me how I could use 7Search traffic which is a Pay Per Click method and receive very cheap clicks to my Clickbank offers. Since I had no idea on the ideology of intelligent marketing, I believed that getting a ton of cheap clicks would be the key to getting interested people in front of my offers.  Of course I also learnt the hard way that this was a recipe for disaster and it was only burning away money.

A complete year went past and I still hadn’t made a CPA sale. I couldn’t understand why I kept failing at every method. Logically I had it mapped out that in order to get conversions, I needed a good offer and a large volume of traffic to them.  But as I continued to research on different areas it become clear that there was a lot more to it. 

I needed to analyse my competition and see what offers are currently working. Traffic is useless unless it’s super targeted and in order to cook up a successful campaign, I needed to learn how to track everything. I combined all these elements together and it started to make perfect sense.

This time I needed to carry out a strategy and I found a mentor who was making 3K per day using Bing Ads.  Because at this point I had sent myself in a lot of debt from my previous failed attempts, I needed to take up temporary work so I could pay this guy to teach me his strategy.

I become part of a small mastermind where I learnt new skills that helped me rise above the average marketer, and after taking action with my coaching lessons, I eventually made my first Clickbank sale. It was an amazing feeling to finally make money on the internet after so many failed attempts, although I still had much to learn.

Bing Ads traffic is search traffic which is very targeted, meaning that people are searching for specific things or a solution to their problem. The trick was to create three very different style ads and split test them with both search and syndicated traffic from Bing to see which Ad performed the best. Next was to have a tight keyword list of around one thousand niche keywords that people would likely search for in relation to your niche. Following this it would then be a matter of running these ads to see which one would perform best in terms of click through rate as well as the one which provided the best return on investment. Each time the ad is clicked, you are paying for each click so it is essential to use tools for spying on what’s currently working for your competitors so you can take advantage of their winning campaigns. 

All of these actions above would hurt your overall results if other essential methods were left out, including the most important thing which is tracking the results of your campaign. Of course I learned this the hard way when I first started because no one taught me what tracking was and how to do it. As a result my ad spend was significantly high and I could not break down exactly which ad or campaign was giving me sales. However once I learned how to use CPV Lab and Voluum (two tracking platforms) I could break down each campaign to pinpoint the exact ad, keyword that was searched, device used, time of the day and location of where the sale come from. 

Understanding these crucial elements that gel together a successful campaign was what allowed me to go from making a sale here and there to making a consistent 1K per day, which I then easily scaled up to make 2K and all the way up to 3K+ per day just with Bing Ads alone.  Yes I admit that it took time to achieve it, but the main thing was that I was determined to make it work and would always find a way around each dead end. Achieving a consistent income stream online using Bing Ads, whether you’re promoting Affiliate offers or doing CPA is in my opinion one of the most straightforward ways of making money for a newbie as the scaling process involves duplicating a winning campaign into a new Bing Account to maximize return on investment. This is how 1K is turned into 3K+ by utilizing simple strategies to stay ahead of the competition.