Useful Advice on How to Make Money Online as A Total Beginner

How to make money online?

In this age of technology, there are so many ways to make money on the internet. People are now valuing their time more and are wanting to utilize technology to allow for them to spend less time working and more time with their families and doing the things they enjoy in life. With so much hype and misguidance on the internet it’s almost impossible to know who to trust or what direction to follow and in most cases, people end up wasting a lot of money and having their dreams taken away. So what are the safe and most proven strategies for making money on the internet?

Online marketing (Affiliate and Ecommerce)

These two are among some my most favorite ways of making a consistent income stream on the internet. Like with any other marketing strategy, they both involve a series of steps put together. Let’s start with affiliate marketing for example, it was until I started to maintain a consistent 1K per day when I managed to clearly map out a formula on how to re-invest my profits and scale my business to new levels. In the beginning however, it wasn’t so easy. I had no direction to follow and it ended up costing me a lot of money in failed attempts before I started to see a return on investment. After a while though each failure taught me a valuable lesson and I put each piece together. I had to learn how to analyses my competition to stay ahead of the game. I needed to design high converting capture pages. I needed to buy domains and have them hosted on my own server. I also needed to drive traffic and learn how to track, optimize and scale campaigns. I basically needed to know how every element tied together in order to even make my first sale online.  But when I did, my income grew and so did my confidence.

Ecommerce is basically the same in process and to dominate any niche, its very important to understand your competition to break down their winning products and niche targets. My first ecommerce business flopped after I wasted nearly 2K in going at it blind. No mentor and no plan of action was my biggest mistake here. I did however learn from my mistakes and paid a six figure mentor on how to teach me the right method to dominate this ecommerce side project and after taking action with some hot advice, I took my hopeless ecommerce business from a failed experiment to one that made me more than 3K per day at one stage.  I eventually sold this business and used the money to scale hard on my affiliate marketing business.  It’s these simple strategic moves that can take us from ground level to the sky and really if a guy like me can pull it off then it’s possible for anyone to achieve the same.


Content writing

When I was completely broke at one stage after falling victim to a vicious online trading scam, I was desperate to make fast money so I could get on my feet again for a fast recovery. One simple way to make money without paying anything is to use what current skills you have and provide them as a service to other people. I had gift of creative writing skills ever since I was in my teenage years, and I offered my writing services on a platform called Fiverr, where people hired me for various writing tasks, mainly blog posts, articles and short stories. This method to make a side income is very easy and anyone can do it. Maybe I was desperate at the time to make a side income that my writing skills naturally revealed itself, as I do believe that this universe responds accordingly in a need of desperation. I tend to find that whenever I created the need of urgency in my business, things would get done fast and money came in regardless if I was broke or making a lot of it.

Social Media Marketing (Facebook or Instagram)

Facebook and Instagram are literally at the beginning stages of the new era in Digital Marketing and more and more people are finding these two platforms as a gold mine. The truth is that they both provide massive potential to make a lot of money, but only if it’s done the right way. I have personally invested a lot of money in personal coaches who have taught me the best up to date methods on marketing with them and must say it was worth it. We see ads on Facebook all the time and often question ourselves on why we continue to see these companies follow us everywhere on the internet. The truth is that smart companies use the Facebook pixel to retarget those who visit their website and display their services over and over on Facebook to capture our attention. It’s a ninja strategy that turns pennies in ad spend into dollars. It’s not just major companies who can take advantage of this new era but average people like yourself and me can use these same strategies in affiliate marketing or ecommerce to generate a lot of money, money that can replace our day jobs and let us work less, travel more and spend quality time with our family. So capture the trends as they come along because those who take action with whats currently working now are the ones who will surely benefit.