How to Improve Your Power of Observation by Paying Attention and Thinking Critically

Utilize your own mind

Your mind is a weapon and the most important thing in order to make the power of observation at its best and to think critically is to utilize the brain for optimum effectiveness. The moment you can utilize your mind to its full capacity will enable the ability to think critical about everything. Even when any situation arises you will be able to look at it from a birds eye view and break it down to exactly why it occurred and how it was able to be resolved in the way it did. This is critical thought and thinking critical also represents your power of observation as it can effectively enhance everything you do, and produce the best outcome regardless of the situation.

Sit with the public and discuss

Organizing a setting with people and having discussions with them will really help you to think in a critical manner under discussion. When you think critical about a number of different topics, it will become part of a habit to utilize the power of thinking and apply more developed skills to enhance the ability each time it is required. To put this in perspective, let’s use the example of Liz. Liz is a very quiet and unorganized girl and could never grasp the understanding of any social or political topics. After she joined some groups that made these topics the center of focus, her power of thinking and observation has greatly increased to the point where she now can engage fluently in any discussion on these topics. Our minds will adjust depending on the position that we place ourselves in and we can choose to overcome any areas that we are not strong in and become a skilled there.

Speak less and just listen

This is a golden rule of being able to pay attention and apply it towards thinking critical. A natural lesson in life is knowing that once you speak less you will be able to put your power of observation into place by allowing your mind to take in exactly what’s going on around you. Let’s go back to the example of Liz, she was naturally a quiet girl and by using her observation in these social groups, her ability to become a critical thinker in areas where she was never good at was possible simply because she trained her mind on how to pay attention which made her skilled in areas that were beyond her abilities to start with.


Create stories

Liz, always create stories when she finds some free time. As already mentioned she speaks very little and every time she has a topic in her mind, she discusses it with herself in her own mind and from this topic she draws a story and the story builds new skills. She has good observational skills and these skills made her utilize her mind to perform things that she originally was never able to do. From now on she is always looking for new critical ideas on every topic and is willing to participate in social groups to expand this into a more in depth discussion.

Be aware of your diet

A high intake of calories can deteriorate your thinking and observational skills. Therefore, it is important to be smart and simply observe your daily food intake. When you eat in response to your body’s demand, your mind will react accordingly to these commands so it’s important to be mindful of what your limits are and the possible consequences that it can have towards effecting your critical thinking.