Apply these tips to become a skilled communicator at work or in your business

Pay close attention

This is the first and most important thing to become a skilled communicator. It is obvious that if you are not prepared to pay attention to the things around you, you will not be able to discuss your matters with other people and in such condition; your communication skills will be damaged. To become a skilled communicator at work or in any business, you should first be careful about all updates and news within the workplace so that when someone has a problem or an issue arises, you’re able to communicate all matters in an appropriate form. Having sound knowledge and information about the subject matter is an essential element to become a skilled communicator within the workplace environment.

Stay peaceful during the communication

If you are faced with a bad comment towards your personality or at your power and style of thinking, try to avoid being aggressive at such comments. Taking such actions which involve a negative response will aggravate and make the situation arise and therefore will have an impact on the ability to create a solution for solving the issue. At a workplace or any business, colleagues will naturally make judgements based on your style and personality just to make your self-esteem feel pressured. Be aware at this point that your response is appropriate and the manner you conduct yourself in must tolerate this pressure to effectively have the situation dealt with. A peaceful personality, even during a stressful situation can communicate and impress the listener very easily because the calm nature of this speaking style will provide a better understating to the listener and will get your point out there much easier.

Think critically

It is another very important step to communicate effectively in the workplace. If you will answer the questions in a deep and sound way it will make you a good communicator. In the workplace, you need to think critically at any fresh news about the company and you must think critically about such news so that when someone will discuss this news and update it with you, you can become a skilled communicator. A skilled communicator should consider the topic under the discussion from all sides and should pay light on both positive and negative aspects of the topic and news. A critical thought will enable you to speak equivocally about any topic in the workplace.

Manage stress during communication

If you get depressed in the workplace due to any bad topic or comment, you should carefully handle this situation and manage the stress. If stress will not be managed, the observer will see you to possess a depressed personality as it will create a stigma of negative vibes throughout the atmosphere. Ups and downs come naturally as part of any communication and the key of the communication process lies in the management of the stress during the communication.  A skillful handling of stress during communication is a sign of charisma within your personality which will enhance communication.


Take a moment to be calm during a stressful situation

It is without doubt that if you allow yourself to get stressed during your communication process it will make hard for you to conduct yourself with the same enthusiasm as if it was before the stressful situation. There are many ways within a workplace or business which can cause stress to occur, so it is important to allow your mind to focus on thoughts of inner peace.  This can be done by sending positive vibes throughout your thoughts and have them outweigh the current situation at hand. Being able to manage this stress in any given moment it occurs will put you ahead on path towards improving the situation and better managing it the next time it occurs.

How to Improve Your Power of Observation by Paying Attention and Thinking Critically

Utilize your own mind

Your mind is a weapon and the most important thing in order to make the power of observation at its best and to think critically is to utilize the brain for optimum effectiveness. The moment you can utilize your mind to its full capacity will enable the ability to think critical about everything. Even when any situation arises you will be able to look at it from a birds eye view and break it down to exactly why it occurred and how it was able to be resolved in the way it did. This is critical thought and thinking critical also represents your power of observation as it can effectively enhance everything you do, and produce the best outcome regardless of the situation.

Sit with the public and discuss

Organizing a setting with people and having discussions with them will really help you to think in a critical manner under discussion. When you think critical about a number of different topics, it will become part of a habit to utilize the power of thinking and apply more developed skills to enhance the ability each time it is required. To put this in perspective, let’s use the example of Liz. Liz is a very quiet and unorganized girl and could never grasp the understanding of any social or political topics. After she joined some groups that made these topics the center of focus, her power of thinking and observation has greatly increased to the point where she now can engage fluently in any discussion on these topics. Our minds will adjust depending on the position that we place ourselves in and we can choose to overcome any areas that we are not strong in and become a skilled there.

Speak less and just listen

This is a golden rule of being able to pay attention and apply it towards thinking critical. A natural lesson in life is knowing that once you speak less you will be able to put your power of observation into place by allowing your mind to take in exactly what’s going on around you. Let’s go back to the example of Liz, she was naturally a quiet girl and by using her observation in these social groups, her ability to become a critical thinker in areas where she was never good at was possible simply because she trained her mind on how to pay attention which made her skilled in areas that were beyond her abilities to start with.


Create stories

Liz, always create stories when she finds some free time. As already mentioned she speaks very little and every time she has a topic in her mind, she discusses it with herself in her own mind and from this topic she draws a story and the story builds new skills. She has good observational skills and these skills made her utilize her mind to perform things that she originally was never able to do. From now on she is always looking for new critical ideas on every topic and is willing to participate in social groups to expand this into a more in depth discussion.

Be aware of your diet

A high intake of calories can deteriorate your thinking and observational skills. Therefore, it is important to be smart and simply observe your daily food intake. When you eat in response to your body’s demand, your mind will react accordingly to these commands so it’s important to be mindful of what your limits are and the possible consequences that it can have towards effecting your critical thinking.

Apply these Useful Tips to Overcome Procrastination in Your Business

Procrastination can often lead to a number of problems, not just in the workplace but also in your own personal business or even any time that requires focus for that matter. In this article, you will learn from my experience a few useful tips to help overcome this horrible habit.

Break down big tasks into smaller ones

In a lot of cases having such big tasks will lead towards an imbalance of a healthy mind and the room for wondering thoughts. In these modern times we are becoming more busy and tied down with responsibility that we often forget that it carries a toll on our performance. To have a good balance in a daily routine it’s not just a matter of getting the most amount of work done in one day to have less to do the next, but knowing your limits as a human being like anyone else. With this being said, I have personally found big tasks are ones that require regular intervals. Your focus is the key to making progress and it’s also the very thing that can be easily taken away in an instant, which ultimately will create room for other things to come in and consume time. My best advice from experience is to allow for a 15 minute break in between each half an hour to 45 minute solid work time to refresh the mind and give the fuel to recharge for another solid session.  This will allow a big task to get done more effectively and as a result will provide a more rewarding outcome.

Have A Powernap

If you are tired, don’t resist the urge, just take a nap. Staring into a computer screen for long hours at a time will naturally make your eyes close and this is a good sign to take a rest. Forcing yourself to stay awake will hurt your performance and creative thinking which is the one thing that you need for optimum results. A power nap will restore your focus and you’ll be able to resume your task without it leading down a dead end. So understand that it’s perfectly alright to take a short rest because in doing so, your body and mind will heal for a new session of solid focus.

Do Some Exercise

It is widely known that exercise is crucial not just to the physical health but also to keep up a healthy mind. Doing a simple lap around your street or going to the gym for half an hour releases important chemicals that significantly enhances all functions of the human body. Instead of checking your social media accounts or watching television to relieve focus, take up a form of exercise and recover both mentally and physically. You will find this to have a better impact on your overall performance.  

How Successful People Think

I believe there’s a huge difference in the way successful people and unsuccessful people think. And I believe that success itself is not some big mystery that people haven’t figured out before. Even though when we’re struggling and fighting and trying to make it day by day to get better, it can feel like this arduous un-noble process. Success has been figured out—and it’s a mindset game.

Most of success is just about how we use our psychology.

I remember when I was starting my business and I really wanted to be good at it. I was trying to become an author and a speaker, and people were saying you may or may not be successful with that. I thought, It’s not like there’s a trait of successful people.

You look across history at successful people and they aren’t from a given background. They don’t come from a specific economic stature. They aren’t in a position where they are of one or another demographic; it’s all over. We have thousands of collective years of history. Some people succeed, some don’t, and I think it comes down to how we manage our mind and our days.

I think there’s a difference between successful and unsuccessful people in the way they particularly think about approaching something new. I think unsuccessful people, when they have a big dream and start thinking about what’s going to be required to accomplish that dream, they get very limiting in their beliefs about themselves and what’s possible.

They say three types of things specifically:

  • “I don’t know how to do that.” So they stop.
  • “I don’t have those things. I’m not like those people.” So they stop.
  • “I’m not like that.” So they stop.

Successful people have a different way.


The challenge is that unsuccessful people keep stopping when they think of what they currently know, have or are.


Everybody dreams. You dream, I dream, successful people dream. Everybody dreams and has a vision. Everyone, if we could just take five minutes and think about their lives, we could all come up with ways to improve our lives and reach another level of success, joy, happiness, achievement, contribution, fulfillment and soul. We can all elevate. The challenge is that unsuccessful people keep stopping when they think of what they currently know, have or are.


However, successful people say, “I want to do that, but I don’t know how,” and instead of stopping, they say, “Then my job is to go learn that.” They take their current limitation and put it on their agenda as a job to do, as a thing to figure out and make happen. Instead of saying, “I don’t have that,” they say, “Then my job is to go build that.” Instead of saying “I’m not like that,” they say, “My job is to go become more of that, become that person who could accomplish those things.”

When I was starting to do online marketing for the first time, I was literally bankrupt. I went from a place of bankruptcy to the point where I really committed to becoming successful at it. And in 18 months, I made $4.6 million. It was a huge leap.

What created that breakthrough wasn’t that I had new opportunities or new technology, like, “Wow, there’s the internet now!” Those things were already there. I went from one level of thinking to the next level of thinking:

  • I used to say, “I don’t know how to build a web page,” so I wrote an agenda that said, “Figure out how to build a web page.” I spent hours, nights and weekends on my job, figuring out how to do that.
  • I used to say, “I don’t have one of those lists, no subscribers and nobody knows who I am.” So I said, “Job: Go build a list, get subscribers, add value and content into the marketplace, and they’ll come.”

Keep putting stuff out there. I also didn’t say, “I have that dream, but I can’t have that because I’m not like that.” I wasn’t a public speaker and didn’t know how to do video. So I thought, I have to go learn that art and become a better speaker, a better communicator. I have to become more confident. I have to become a person capable of doing these things. I have to change myself to get there. I can’t wait for circumstances to change so I can have my dream. If that was the case, our dreams would never happen.

We have to get to the point of maturity in our lives where we say two things are going to change my life:

  1. Something new is going to come into my life and make me lucky and blessed. But maybe I can’t count on that forever.
  2. So maybe now, instead, I have to consciously design my life. If I want to change and want my dream, then something new has to come from me. I’m going to become a better person. I’m going to become a person who is more optimistic, more confident and more driven, not because I am that now, but because I can grow.

You can become the type of person who you need to be to achieve your ideal life. You can start today, living from your highest ideals, your highest and strongest sense of self.

At some point in your life, you have to give yourself permission to become your best self. And by becoming your best self, you start to achieve your best things. You start to contribute better things. You start to become a better human being. You can do that now, today.


At some point in your life, you have to give yourself permission to become your best self.


The next time you’re thinking about a big dream, stop and think, I don’t know how, and then set it up on your calendar to go learn those things. I don’t have that. Then set it up to build that. I’m not like that. Then set it up step by step to develop the skillsets and competencies you need so you can become that and ultimately achieve your dream.

It’s there and waiting for you; don’t stop!