Using Bing Ads to Make 1K Per Day As A Complete Newbie in Internet Marketing

I remember many years ago when I first started my journey as an internet marketer. At the beginning It was exciting to know that I was taking complete control of my life and chasing a dream to be financially independent. But little had I known how difficult it would be to generate a consistent income on the internet, especially with so much hype and misguidance out there.

I never had a clear pathway on the direction to follow so I tried to self-educate myself on several marketing strategies, as clear as daylight it all started with Affiliate Marketing and promoting CPA offers with Pay Per View Traffic Methods.  Because I had absolutely no clue on how to utilize this traffic method properly, it wasn’t long until my first deposit of $1000 into Direct CPV was used up, without making a CPA sale from the budget.

This was only the start of my mistakes because after feeling bad for losing a lot of money to begin with, my frustration carried over to the next method where the same mistakes occurred, except this time at least I did some research first. Youtube videos taught me how I could use 7Search traffic which is a Pay Per Click method and receive very cheap clicks to my Clickbank offers. Since I had no idea on the ideology of intelligent marketing, I believed that getting a ton of cheap clicks would be the key to getting interested people in front of my offers.  Of course I also learnt the hard way that this was a recipe for disaster and it was only burning away money.

A complete year went past and I still hadn’t made a CPA sale. I couldn’t understand why I kept failing at every method. Logically I had it mapped out that in order to get conversions, I needed a good offer and a large volume of traffic to them.  But as I continued to research on different areas it become clear that there was a lot more to it. 

I needed to analyse my competition and see what offers are currently working. Traffic is useless unless it’s super targeted and in order to cook up a successful campaign, I needed to learn how to track everything. I combined all these elements together and it started to make perfect sense.

This time I needed to carry out a strategy and I found a mentor who was making 3K per day using Bing Ads.  Because at this point I had sent myself in a lot of debt from my previous failed attempts, I needed to take up temporary work so I could pay this guy to teach me his strategy.

I become part of a small mastermind where I learnt new skills that helped me rise above the average marketer, and after taking action with my coaching lessons, I eventually made my first Clickbank sale. It was an amazing feeling to finally make money on the internet after so many failed attempts, although I still had much to learn.

Bing Ads traffic is search traffic which is very targeted, meaning that people are searching for specific things or a solution to their problem. The trick was to create three very different style ads and split test them with both search and syndicated traffic from Bing to see which Ad performed the best. Next was to have a tight keyword list of around one thousand niche keywords that people would likely search for in relation to your niche. Following this it would then be a matter of running these ads to see which one would perform best in terms of click through rate as well as the one which provided the best return on investment. Each time the ad is clicked, you are paying for each click so it is essential to use tools for spying on what’s currently working for your competitors so you can take advantage of their winning campaigns. 

All of these actions above would hurt your overall results if other essential methods were left out, including the most important thing which is tracking the results of your campaign. Of course I learned this the hard way when I first started because no one taught me what tracking was and how to do it. As a result my ad spend was significantly high and I could not break down exactly which ad or campaign was giving me sales. However once I learned how to use CPV Lab and Voluum (two tracking platforms) I could break down each campaign to pinpoint the exact ad, keyword that was searched, device used, time of the day and location of where the sale come from. 

Understanding these crucial elements that gel together a successful campaign was what allowed me to go from making a sale here and there to making a consistent 1K per day, which I then easily scaled up to make 2K and all the way up to 3K+ per day just with Bing Ads alone.  Yes I admit that it took time to achieve it, but the main thing was that I was determined to make it work and would always find a way around each dead end. Achieving a consistent income stream online using Bing Ads, whether you’re promoting Affiliate offers or doing CPA is in my opinion one of the most straightforward ways of making money for a newbie as the scaling process involves duplicating a winning campaign into a new Bing Account to maximize return on investment. This is how 1K is turned into 3K+ by utilizing simple strategies to stay ahead of the competition. 

Apply these tips to become a skilled communicator at work or in your business

Pay close attention

This is the first and most important thing to become a skilled communicator. It is obvious that if you are not prepared to pay attention to the things around you, you will not be able to discuss your matters with other people and in such condition; your communication skills will be damaged. To become a skilled communicator at work or in any business, you should first be careful about all updates and news within the workplace so that when someone has a problem or an issue arises, you’re able to communicate all matters in an appropriate form. Having sound knowledge and information about the subject matter is an essential element to become a skilled communicator within the workplace environment.

Stay peaceful during the communication

If you are faced with a bad comment towards your personality or at your power and style of thinking, try to avoid being aggressive at such comments. Taking such actions which involve a negative response will aggravate and make the situation arise and therefore will have an impact on the ability to create a solution for solving the issue. At a workplace or any business, colleagues will naturally make judgements based on your style and personality just to make your self-esteem feel pressured. Be aware at this point that your response is appropriate and the manner you conduct yourself in must tolerate this pressure to effectively have the situation dealt with. A peaceful personality, even during a stressful situation can communicate and impress the listener very easily because the calm nature of this speaking style will provide a better understating to the listener and will get your point out there much easier.

Think critically

It is another very important step to communicate effectively in the workplace. If you will answer the questions in a deep and sound way it will make you a good communicator. In the workplace, you need to think critically at any fresh news about the company and you must think critically about such news so that when someone will discuss this news and update it with you, you can become a skilled communicator. A skilled communicator should consider the topic under the discussion from all sides and should pay light on both positive and negative aspects of the topic and news. A critical thought will enable you to speak equivocally about any topic in the workplace.

Manage stress during communication

If you get depressed in the workplace due to any bad topic or comment, you should carefully handle this situation and manage the stress. If stress will not be managed, the observer will see you to possess a depressed personality as it will create a stigma of negative vibes throughout the atmosphere. Ups and downs come naturally as part of any communication and the key of the communication process lies in the management of the stress during the communication.  A skillful handling of stress during communication is a sign of charisma within your personality which will enhance communication.


Take a moment to be calm during a stressful situation

It is without doubt that if you allow yourself to get stressed during your communication process it will make hard for you to conduct yourself with the same enthusiasm as if it was before the stressful situation. There are many ways within a workplace or business which can cause stress to occur, so it is important to allow your mind to focus on thoughts of inner peace.  This can be done by sending positive vibes throughout your thoughts and have them outweigh the current situation at hand. Being able to manage this stress in any given moment it occurs will put you ahead on path towards improving the situation and better managing it the next time it occurs.

How to Improve Your Power of Observation by Paying Attention and Thinking Critically

Utilize your own mind

Your mind is a weapon and the most important thing in order to make the power of observation at its best and to think critically is to utilize the brain for optimum effectiveness. The moment you can utilize your mind to its full capacity will enable the ability to think critical about everything. Even when any situation arises you will be able to look at it from a birds eye view and break it down to exactly why it occurred and how it was able to be resolved in the way it did. This is critical thought and thinking critical also represents your power of observation as it can effectively enhance everything you do, and produce the best outcome regardless of the situation.

Sit with the public and discuss

Organizing a setting with people and having discussions with them will really help you to think in a critical manner under discussion. When you think critical about a number of different topics, it will become part of a habit to utilize the power of thinking and apply more developed skills to enhance the ability each time it is required. To put this in perspective, let’s use the example of Liz. Liz is a very quiet and unorganized girl and could never grasp the understanding of any social or political topics. After she joined some groups that made these topics the center of focus, her power of thinking and observation has greatly increased to the point where she now can engage fluently in any discussion on these topics. Our minds will adjust depending on the position that we place ourselves in and we can choose to overcome any areas that we are not strong in and become a skilled there.

Speak less and just listen

This is a golden rule of being able to pay attention and apply it towards thinking critical. A natural lesson in life is knowing that once you speak less you will be able to put your power of observation into place by allowing your mind to take in exactly what’s going on around you. Let’s go back to the example of Liz, she was naturally a quiet girl and by using her observation in these social groups, her ability to become a critical thinker in areas where she was never good at was possible simply because she trained her mind on how to pay attention which made her skilled in areas that were beyond her abilities to start with.


Create stories

Liz, always create stories when she finds some free time. As already mentioned she speaks very little and every time she has a topic in her mind, she discusses it with herself in her own mind and from this topic she draws a story and the story builds new skills. She has good observational skills and these skills made her utilize her mind to perform things that she originally was never able to do. From now on she is always looking for new critical ideas on every topic and is willing to participate in social groups to expand this into a more in depth discussion.

Be aware of your diet

A high intake of calories can deteriorate your thinking and observational skills. Therefore, it is important to be smart and simply observe your daily food intake. When you eat in response to your body’s demand, your mind will react accordingly to these commands so it’s important to be mindful of what your limits are and the possible consequences that it can have towards effecting your critical thinking.

How to Improve Your Own Personality

Improve your communication skills

Another important step to become a successful communicator is to improve your communication skills, including in these are listening and speaking. Now you can ask that how to improve communication skills, you can do this very easily; just go into a room and stand in front of the mirror and consider the mirror as a listener. Practice makes a man perfect. If you will practice here lonely on your speaking skills it will be improved to a considerable extent and the next step is going to a good speaker and listen to him, it will improve your listening power  significantly. When your both skills get improved to some extent the next step is to practice your speaking in front of any family member or even a friend. Just pick a topic and speak on that topic in front of them with the confidence you built earlier on. They will comment on your speaking skills and you can use the feedback as an indicator as to which areas you may need improving on as well as understating where you strengths are.

Use common language

While communicating in the workplace you should be very careful about the language, because at the workplace or in any business, there may be people from different cultural backgrounds and multi-ethnic groups. A language that is common to you and to the people of your cultures may be tough and hard to understand for the people of other cultures. It is therefore very important that you have selected a language that is easily understandable by all people. If only a few people will understand your language you will not be a good communicator because in this way, the people who could not understand you may think you as bad communicator through example. So, you should use a common language that is understandable by everyone.

Use concise sentences

You must use good and concise sentences as the use of too many long sentences will bore the listeners and will make the audiences lose interest. You can explain your point of view in common talk styles, but when you are presenting something to people, the use of short but to the point sentences will be better.

Be open and honest

Another very important thing is to be open and honest with the topic at which you are communicating. You must be unbiased during discussion and communication because if you are biased in the process, even the impact of communication will be disturbed.  If you are feeling overly pressured at work or experiencing certain challenges concerning your job than at least at the point of discussion you should avoid your inner fear and speak equivocally but honestly.

Improve yourself

Along with improving your communication skills you also have to improve your personality, because if people will like your personality, they will like to talk to you and if they do not like you, it is not a good idea to compel them to talk to you. By having charming and glaring personality it will attract people towards you. It will help you a lot in the improvement of your personality and will give you a happy and charming personality.

Useful Advice on How to Make Money Online as A Total Beginner

How to make money online?

In this age of technology, there are so many ways to make money on the internet. People are now valuing their time more and are wanting to utilize technology to allow for them to spend less time working and more time with their families and doing the things they enjoy in life. With so much hype and misguidance on the internet it’s almost impossible to know who to trust or what direction to follow and in most cases, people end up wasting a lot of money and having their dreams taken away. So what are the safe and most proven strategies for making money on the internet?

Online marketing (Affiliate and Ecommerce)

These two are among some my most favorite ways of making a consistent income stream on the internet. Like with any other marketing strategy, they both involve a series of steps put together. Let’s start with affiliate marketing for example, it was until I started to maintain a consistent 1K per day when I managed to clearly map out a formula on how to re-invest my profits and scale my business to new levels. In the beginning however, it wasn’t so easy. I had no direction to follow and it ended up costing me a lot of money in failed attempts before I started to see a return on investment. After a while though each failure taught me a valuable lesson and I put each piece together. I had to learn how to analyses my competition to stay ahead of the game. I needed to design high converting capture pages. I needed to buy domains and have them hosted on my own server. I also needed to drive traffic and learn how to track, optimize and scale campaigns. I basically needed to know how every element tied together in order to even make my first sale online.  But when I did, my income grew and so did my confidence.

Ecommerce is basically the same in process and to dominate any niche, its very important to understand your competition to break down their winning products and niche targets. My first ecommerce business flopped after I wasted nearly 2K in going at it blind. No mentor and no plan of action was my biggest mistake here. I did however learn from my mistakes and paid a six figure mentor on how to teach me the right method to dominate this ecommerce side project and after taking action with some hot advice, I took my hopeless ecommerce business from a failed experiment to one that made me more than 3K per day at one stage.  I eventually sold this business and used the money to scale hard on my affiliate marketing business.  It’s these simple strategic moves that can take us from ground level to the sky and really if a guy like me can pull it off then it’s possible for anyone to achieve the same.


Content writing

When I was completely broke at one stage after falling victim to a vicious online trading scam, I was desperate to make fast money so I could get on my feet again for a fast recovery. One simple way to make money without paying anything is to use what current skills you have and provide them as a service to other people. I had gift of creative writing skills ever since I was in my teenage years, and I offered my writing services on a platform called Fiverr, where people hired me for various writing tasks, mainly blog posts, articles and short stories. This method to make a side income is very easy and anyone can do it. Maybe I was desperate at the time to make a side income that my writing skills naturally revealed itself, as I do believe that this universe responds accordingly in a need of desperation. I tend to find that whenever I created the need of urgency in my business, things would get done fast and money came in regardless if I was broke or making a lot of it.

Social Media Marketing (Facebook or Instagram)

Facebook and Instagram are literally at the beginning stages of the new era in Digital Marketing and more and more people are finding these two platforms as a gold mine. The truth is that they both provide massive potential to make a lot of money, but only if it’s done the right way. I have personally invested a lot of money in personal coaches who have taught me the best up to date methods on marketing with them and must say it was worth it. We see ads on Facebook all the time and often question ourselves on why we continue to see these companies follow us everywhere on the internet. The truth is that smart companies use the Facebook pixel to retarget those who visit their website and display their services over and over on Facebook to capture our attention. It’s a ninja strategy that turns pennies in ad spend into dollars. It’s not just major companies who can take advantage of this new era but average people like yourself and me can use these same strategies in affiliate marketing or ecommerce to generate a lot of money, money that can replace our day jobs and let us work less, travel more and spend quality time with our family. So capture the trends as they come along because those who take action with whats currently working now are the ones who will surely benefit.

Apply these Useful Tips to Overcome Procrastination in Your Business

Procrastination can often lead to a number of problems, not just in the workplace but also in your own personal business or even any time that requires focus for that matter. In this article, you will learn from my experience a few useful tips to help overcome this horrible habit.

Break down big tasks into smaller ones

In a lot of cases having such big tasks will lead towards an imbalance of a healthy mind and the room for wondering thoughts. In these modern times we are becoming more busy and tied down with responsibility that we often forget that it carries a toll on our performance. To have a good balance in a daily routine it’s not just a matter of getting the most amount of work done in one day to have less to do the next, but knowing your limits as a human being like anyone else. With this being said, I have personally found big tasks are ones that require regular intervals. Your focus is the key to making progress and it’s also the very thing that can be easily taken away in an instant, which ultimately will create room for other things to come in and consume time. My best advice from experience is to allow for a 15 minute break in between each half an hour to 45 minute solid work time to refresh the mind and give the fuel to recharge for another solid session.  This will allow a big task to get done more effectively and as a result will provide a more rewarding outcome.

Have A Powernap

If you are tired, don’t resist the urge, just take a nap. Staring into a computer screen for long hours at a time will naturally make your eyes close and this is a good sign to take a rest. Forcing yourself to stay awake will hurt your performance and creative thinking which is the one thing that you need for optimum results. A power nap will restore your focus and you’ll be able to resume your task without it leading down a dead end. So understand that it’s perfectly alright to take a short rest because in doing so, your body and mind will heal for a new session of solid focus.

Do Some Exercise

It is widely known that exercise is crucial not just to the physical health but also to keep up a healthy mind. Doing a simple lap around your street or going to the gym for half an hour releases important chemicals that significantly enhances all functions of the human body. Instead of checking your social media accounts or watching television to relieve focus, take up a form of exercise and recover both mentally and physically. You will find this to have a better impact on your overall performance.  

How to Solve Common Issues That Occur Throughout Daily Life

Go to the cause of the problem

Without giving a hard hit to the cause of the problem, being able to tackle it head on will be a tough challenge. It is a common observation and strategy that when you’re able to get right at the heart of a problem’s cause, then it will prove to be much easier to solve by determining the best possible solution which will meet the desired outcome. The best way I have found to take a problem head on is to clearly visualize what the current situation is, examine all possible scenarios that would effectively deal with it in an appropriate manner and choose the best method that will provide a desired outcome in your favor.

Define the problem

The first and most effective tool to solve any problem is to recognize the problem. When you recognize the problem, it will become easier for you to tackle it. After defining the problem, you will have a much more thorough understanding of the situation to get ideas in place for designing possible outcomes to deal with it. Let’s take Jillian for example, Jillian has several problems in her daily life. Most of them occur because she had brought them upon herself by making such bad decisions, although since she is used to coping with them herself, she has become skilled in the area of problem solving. Firstly she would discuss the issue at hand with a number of her colleges and observe the different methods of action that can be applied. She would then weigh up all the pros and cons from each piece of advice and ultimately come up with a solution that would best suit the situation. This example shows clearly how any problem can be addressed by simply analyzing all the possible scenarios and concluding with the best plan of action.

Check the nature of the problem

After defining the problem, it is then a matter of determining the nature of it to define whether it will be simple or more complex to solve. The reason for such an action is because the nature of it can sometimes be unclear, meaning it will require a much more in depth insight for being able to determine an appropriate way to take on an approach. It is only natural that to handle an issue, one should know the basic problem and factors responsible for the issue. In this way one can solve the problem effectively and provide the best possible outcome.


Celebrate the little things

These simple actions provide a highly positive response towards most difficult situation. It is based upon the reward factor where you treat yourself for the tiny steps forward after the many steps back beforehand. We all know what it feels like to fail at something, even though we try our best over and over for a long period of time and it just seems like all efforts are being outweighed by the constant downfall. The most important thing to remember is that we are all human beings and every successful person was once failed many times over. The is no measurement for success and everyone has their own unique journey to get there, so despite how many times you fail at something, always celebrate those tiny steps forward as they over time will grow into larger ones.

Be who you want to be

Yes, you read that right. If you want to create a life that you can be proud of and that makes you happy, then pull a Nike and “just do it.” At the end of the day it’s your choice of who you want to be. That’s not the answer we always want to hear, but it sure is the one we all need. Stop blaming circumstances and make changes today. Proactivity starts with understanding that you always have a choice and you can choose to take control of your life and go after any dream that you have. You are in complete control of your own life, so live to create the world that you want to live in.

Ways to Enhance Your Confidence When Nobody Else Believes in You

It has reached a point in time where you are at the stage of moving beyond that comfort zone and bring forward that dream you’ve kept hidden inside for such a long time. You’re super pumped up ready to unleash what you’ve always were meant to do and show the world what you are truly capable of. The only problem is that no one else out there believes in you and your confidence.

Unfortunately, most of us have grown to accept the reality behind our dreams that is the fact that it can only exist in our thoughts and it’s beyond our capability to bring out for the whole world. So what do you do if you are bursting with confidence but no one else around you shares the same level of enthusiasm?

If you’re going to walk the pathway to success, it has to be with pure confidence with absolutely no elements of doubt. Therefore it is essential to work on the mindset daily and convince yourself in the mind that you are going to be the person you were meant to be.

It all boils down to these three simple ways to assert your self-confidence even though there is no one else out there who believes in your ability:

Flood your mind with positive everything

I remember many years ago when I first become an entrepreneur, people laughed at my dreams. I would tell my family and friends about these amazing ideas and map out strategies on how I could bring forward something new to this world, but it would always turn out into a laughing subject. People will hate on and criticize those who want to succeed because they have either tried and failed themselves or they simply do not want to see you do better than them, and it’s the sad truth.

I held a vision of myself as a young handsome and successful entrepreneur who lived in a mansion with a beautiful wife and would wake up every day telling myself that it was going to happen very soon. The amazing thing was that I attracted so many positive like-minded people in my life and they supported my beliefs which ultimately built upon my success daily.

Encourage others who fail to get up and try again

Every legend we know today has had their fair share of failures. In order to become successful, it’s first required to encourage and support others in their own journey. A simple action like this will reflect upon your own personality as it will show yourself the true meaning of being a leader instead of following the typical crowd who either ignore or resent those who aspire success. So be mindful of others and only expect to be treated the same way as you treat others.


Calm your inner critic

The support of others will collapse if you first do not possess confidence in yourself. Despite your confidence having an effect, it’s the inner critic you have about yourself which proves to be a challenge in being able to identify. Within your own mind, it may seen non-existent, but the reality is that inner critic will show in a form of guilt, doubt, shame or worthlessness. To avoid this from having an impact on your daily life, you are going to need to encourage your inner dialogue which can be done by:

  • Remembering your past victories and accomplishments. Recall the challenge, emotions and mindset of who you were in that moment. Remind yourself that at any time you can be that person again.
  • Identify your strengths. Ask yourself, What am I masterful at doing? Once you’ve answered the question, celebrate your talents by communicating this value to others.
  • Encourage yourself regularly with self-affirmations grounded in your true capabilities, instead of hope affirmations, which are generic in nature.
  • Divorce the scarcity mentality. Believing that opportunities are scarce helps foster the fear that we aren’t good, wealthy or intelligent enough to fight for our scraps of a tiny possibility pie. Instead, understand that we live in a world of abundance. You can decide at any moment that you are beyond enough to create opportunity in a world where there are plenty.

Receiving outside validation can be tremendously rewarding. However, it is your personal responsibility to master the confidence that comes from within. If your current atmosphere does not cultivate self-confidence, then it’s time for you to design a more supportive environment for yourself. Take the first step of believing in yourself and watch as everyone else begins to follow in your footsteps.


Here’s what solo ad vendors don’t want you to know

If you’ve had any experience with internet marketing, at one point or another you most likely have stumbled on solo ads as a recommended traffic source.

There’s hundreds of sites, forums and Facebook groups with solo ad sellers who offer what seems to be like a decent deal for easy traffic.

However the reality is that solo ads make more money for the sellers than the buyers.

I know this will probably anger a lot of people, but it is the truth.

If you’re serious about your internet marketing business, you cannot rely on solo ads to grow.

Here are the biggest reasons on why you should avoid solo ads as a traffic source:

#1 Low quality leads

The biggest issue of using solo ads as a traffic source is that the quality of the leads is unreliable. When you’re buying solo ads from a vendor, you’re taking on a bit of a gamble.

The reason for this is that you don’t know how the vendor built his list in the first place. Are these people who opted in to get a freebie or are they people who have actually bought something in the first place?

More often than not these are free lists who get slammed with affiliate offers constantly.

Look: it’s no secret that most solo ad sellers have to do regular swaps with other solo ad sellers in order to get new leads as the old ones have been burnt out from all the promotions they’ve been sent.

So before you pay someone to send clicks to your landing page, consider this:

If this vendor’s list was that valuable, why doesn’t he/she keep the list private and make money only from sending people to other offers with his affiliate link?

Now does this mean that all solo ad vendors have low quality leads? Not necessarily. Arguably there are some vendors who offer quality traffic.

However, don’t be mistaken. Such folks are the exception, not the rule. Most solo ad sellers follow the churn-and-burn model of list building which means that they care more about making a quick buck rather than building a relationship with that list.

#2 Limited targeting options

There aren’t that many variables that you can track and test with solo ads. As far as targeting options go, you’re pretty much stuck with choosing a vendor and choosing what the copy on your solo ad is going to be… and that’s it.

Not a whole lot of options, right?

But you don’t have to stick with solo ads. There are traffic sources out there which give you much more flexibility as far as targeting goes.

For example, there is one traffic source in particular which allows you to target prospects by things such as which websites they visit and which search keywords they use on a daily basis. Having these options at your disposal, you can make your offer much more targeted than you could ever do with solo ads. And as we know, the better the targeting, the higher the conversions.

#3 Expensive

Solo ads might seem like a cheap traffic option with prices ranging anywhere from $20 to $70 and more for 100 clicks.

However, once you start testing things, you will soon find out that you’ve spent more money weeding out the bad vendors rather than getting clicks to your page.

Another downside is that not all vendors follow the 100 minimum clicks standard. Some will do business with you only if you buy 200, 500 or 1000 clicks from them, which means that you’ll have to pay more to just test things out.

You know how shoe manufacturers make cheap shoes that you have to replace every year instead of making a more expensive pair that lasts for a long time? That’s the same trick with solo ads.

It might seem cheap to go with solo ads in the beginning but you will soon find out that you could have seen better ROI if you stuck with a more reliable traffic source from the get-go.

#4 Not scalable

Let’s assume for a second that you’ve somehow found one or two reliable solo ad sellers.

You buy a couple hundred clicks, you tweak your funnel and perhaps you even make a sale or two.

“What’s the next step?” You might wonder.

Sadly, there isn’t one.

While you could buy more clicks from these vendors, your growth is pretty much capped by their list size and whether they’ve sent another offer to their list the same day.

Put simply, there is no way to scale your business quickly with solo ads only.

Sure you can bring in some leads. But you’ll never be able to scale it up to the point where you’ve got 1000 new leads coming in consistently each day. The volume simply isn’t there.

Because of this, solo ads aren’t a guaranteed way to grow your internet marketing business.

Are solo ads categorically bad? Well, I still use solo ads sometimes to split test a landing page with cold traffic.

But for growing an internet marketing business fast, you better start looking at other sources of traffic.

If solo ads suck, what else is there?

Look, I know how you must be feeling right now.

You were told that “solo ads are the way to go” and now you’ve seen evidence that points to the contrary.

I felt the same way when I discovered how unreliable solo ads were.

It took me a couple thousand dollars before I realized that perhaps solos weren’t as trumped up as they were made to be.

Of course the real breakthrough was when I started looking at other traffic sources, Facebook being one of them.

Make no mistake, I still had to spend money and time learning each platform, its quirks, what was allowed, what worked best and so on.

But after I had spent over $40,000 testing this kind of traffic, I had finally cracked the Facebook code. Not only did I learn how to make this source of traffic work, I also had the perfect landers, the best targeting and the perfect sales pages and email autoresponders which I paid a top-notch copywriter close to $6000 to write them for me.

In a nutshell, I had knowledge based on real data + an entire battle-tested funnel that I could deploy any time and see a return on my investment.

If you have been struggling trying to make your business work with solo ads, you now know why your attempts haven’t been as successful as they should have been.

Like I said in the beginning of this article, solo ads on average make more money for those who sell them than those who buy them.

OK, but the real question still stands: what traffic source should you use?

And even if you knew, have you got the time, money and patience to go through the steep learning curve that most traffic platforms have?

If you’re truly committed to success, I would like to give you something that I would have killed for when I was just getting started.

I’m offering a free 45 minute strategy session for those who know that the fastest way to accelerate your growth, in any area of life, is by following a proven model.

That’s exactly what I’ll be revealing in this call: my best traffic sources, my stats, my landers, winning campaigns, sales copy and every part of a winning funnel which you can simply just copy instead of going the route of expensive trial-and-error.

Lastly, I promise you that you won’t hear the same rehashed info that everybody and his dog is parroting on “insider” forums and chatrooms. Unlike others, my methods are a bit unconventional and I actually do what I preach – which is also how I managed to get myself on the Top 10 Affiliates Leaderboard for Digital Altitude.

If you’re sick and tired of wasting money on ads and traffic that doesn’t convert then schedule your free 45 minute strategy session with me and I will show you how much easier (and fun!) internet marketing can be if you follow a proven blueprint.

6 Important Reasons You Aren’t Converting on Your Affiliate Offers

In my beginning stages of online marketing I first started as an affiliate marketer and have been successfully promoting them since 2012. I’ve done a lot of testing on what does and doesn’t work,  in fact, I have won several different affiliate contests not because I’ve promoted affiliate links but because I actually took time to implement the 6 steps that I am going to share with you today.

If you’re also promoting affiliate offers and you want to make more sales or just make your very first sale, then this article is meant for you! So please be sure to read this!

I see affiliate marketers all over Facebook & Social Media who are just promoting their affiliate links and from the outside looking in, those links just don’t move the needle for me.  Therefore, if you are in the same boat and you can’t successfully answer these 5 questions below then that’s probably the reason why you aren’t having success promoting your affiliate offers. 

Generally speaking, most people will want to know the following items before they make a buying decision:

  1. Do you actually own the product?
  2. Have you actually gone through the entire training of the product you are promoting?
  3. What exactly am I getting when I buy this product?  Meaning, what’s behind the door?
  4. Can I see the results you have gotten?
  5. How exactly will his help me in my own business?

Most affiliate marketers are leaving money on the table if they can’t answer the questions above and this is the majority of the reason as to why they aren’t getting any sales. 

In fact, I see marketers everyday promoting on Facebook their offers and they honestly have no clue what they are really promoting.

All they are looking for is a quick buck.

In This Article I’ll Share With You The 6 Most Profitable Steps To Converting Your Affiliate Offers That I Have Used For My Business. 

1. Buy The Product:  Before you venture out to promote any affiliate offer, actually buy the product yourself. This will make more sense as we go through the additional steps, but owning the actual product is a MUST when it comes to promoting to an audience.

2. Go Through The Product Tutorials: Nothing worse than promoting a product to an audience, especially one that knows who you are through the brand you have built, and the product be crap. That all goes back on you. So it’s important to actually go through it yourself and make sure it’s something you want to tie your name too.

Trust me on this…..I have bought products in the past from people I knew and they were horrible. So much so I would go back to the person who promoted it and ask, “did you actually look at this product you were promoting because it’s horrible!” 9 times out of 10 they would tell me know…..they just “heard” it was good.

Don’t do that! Buy the dang product and actually go through it.

3. Review The Product: Okay this step and the next few are the steps that are going to help you make more sales. I see most affiliates just promote their affiliate links with no additional effort.

They take their link, slap it up on Social Media and hope for the best or take their link, promote to their list and hope for the best.

Doesn’t work anymore. People today are bombarded with offers all day long via Social Media and their email inbox.

So one of the things that I do when promoting affiliate offers is we give our audience a tour via a screen sharing video on exactly what they will get when they purchase XYZ product.

For example: If I were an affiliate of a product which I recommend for example, Social Media Branding Academy, I would start a screen share video via Screenflow and take the viewer on a tour of the back office of Social Media Branding Academy, module by module.

If I was promoting an affiliate offer that was a software program, like Ad Espresso (which btw…is amazing!) I would start a screen share video via Screenflow and show the viewer how to use the program and show the power of the program when it comes to creating Facebook Ads.

Heck, I’d have actually done that and I showed the audience how to actually use Ad Espresso and the benefits.

This is a powerful step that if most affiliates would just take the time to do, they would absolutely see an increase in their conversions.

4. Share Your Results: Okay now that you have bought the product, you are using it, you should definitely share your results or your experience with the product. This will build trust with your audience and again I would use screen shots or a screen share video to share those results.

Take time to show the power of what you are promoting and if you don’t get results with the affiliate product….well I wouldn’t take the time to promote it.

As I said before your name is going to be tied to the recommendation and you don’t want to promote something that’s not quality.

That’s a quick way to ruin your brand.

5. Share Why Your Audience Should Buy: Your audience up until now has seen what you think of the product and they hopefully have seen your results or what it has done for your business.

Now it’s time to share why they should also get the product.

An example would be: If you are struggling to create Facebook Ads that convert or you are struggling with the optimization process of Facebook Ads, then this program is a must. Ad Espresso takes all the guess work out of optimization because it automatically optimizes for you. It also saves you time by creating multiple ad variations from just one ad, that will only take you 5 minutes to set up. Finally if you are tired of losing money on Facebook then this program is a must have as it will actually save you a ton of money that you now won’t be wasting on an audience that clearly is not converting for you. Now you will know exactly who that audience is because of Ad Espresso.

Talk to your audience here and identify what their pain is and why they would need your affiliate offer as this will be the solution to no more pain.

6. Promote. All these steps are great and if you want more conversions on your affiliate offers then definitely implement these steps, but without an audience to promote too you won’t get many sales.

So in your final step make sure you promote to your list your screen share video, if you have a list.

Other options would be to do paid advertising to promote the screen share video you created.

For example I would go to my Fan Page and create a status update like this:

“Hey there! I just put a quick video together on a really helpful tool called Ad Espresso. Inside this video I will walk you through exactly what you will get and how it can help you put your Facebook ads on steroids. Which means more conversions, less time and less money out of your pocket, yet more as I said earlier more conversions which means more sales!

I started using Ad Espresso over a year ago and I have to tell you it has saved us a ton of time and money. I now have all of my ads optimized automatically and no longer waste money on audiences that don’t convert because of Ad Espresso as I now know who that audience is.

Check out my video here.”

Then I would upload the video or send them to a blog post where the video is. Have a call to action in the video to get more information or buy at the end.

Once that’s all done I would promote that status update via paid Facebook advertising.

Simple as that!  I hope this helps!